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Climb aboard our rugged 4-wheel drive, open-air jeeps and Blazers for the "western experience" of a lifetime. Witness the awesome grandeur of the Sonoran Desert as your friendly Cowboy guides gently bounce your group through a maze of cactus-lined trails and desert riverbeds. Your guides will spin yarns of the Old West and teach you the survival techniques used by our Native American Indians centuries ago.

 You'll thrill as you enter into a forest of 250 year old Saguaro Cactus and hear the secrets of our desert plants. Remember to always have your camera ready and be on the lookout for our desert critters as they quickly dart in and out of view. To quench your thirst we have a complimentary beverage on us! (A special breakfast, lunch or dinner can be included as part of your desert adventure at an additional cost) (4 Person Minimum) (3 to 4 Hours Beverages Included)




Now for the first time in 119 years "The Historical Butterfield Stage Route" is accessible by another cover wagon, Jeep wagons, that is. The mere mention of the "Gold Rush Days" and the "Butterfield Overland Trail" instantly transports us to America's untamed Old West. Driver and shotgun guard perched high atop their unforgiving wooden seat with "Wells Fargo" treasure box at their feet. We rise to its legends and tales of stagecoaches careening along the rough trail between wilderness outposts and desert stations. Our minds envision gun battles with Indians or outlaws, the pell-mell run of horse or mule teams, the crude stations where hardy and colorful characters changes teams, provided barely edible meals and maintained meager accommodations for the weary travelers. Today this part of history is still a powerful attraction!

Feel yourselves as part of history. In Arizona, with Western Events, you can.

So come and join us on this most extraordinary adventure. Travel the same historical route that the pioneers did in covered wagons in 1849 when gold was discovered in California. The rush to the gold field had begun. Thousands upon thousands passed on this same trail seeking their fortune. By 1857 the "Butterfield Overland" came on line as mail was carried from East to West and back for the first time via land.

Now climb aboard our rugged 4-wheel drive, open-air jeeps and Blazers for the "WESTERN" EXPERIENCE OF A LIFETIME. We'll blaze through a Cactus forest, climb up and through an awesome mountain pass where actual Indian attacks and Bandito hold-ups took place. Finally we'll stop at the ruins of a real stagecoach station to water the team, as our colorful guides tell stories of the way it really happened, when the west was still untamed!




(4 person minimum)


HOLD ON TO YOUR SEATS! If a trip back in time is what you're looking for, we've got it! This rugged four-wheel adventure has it all! You will be surrounded by spectacular desert beauty, as you forge your way through the heart of gold and Indian country. cross-rivers and creeks and climb to an old Indian Fortress. High on a flat top hill, you can see how the Indians used to live and defend their homes, women and children from hostile predators, man or beast.  Your guide will recreate a historic time gone by. If you are a rugged outdoorsman or a cityslicker on vacation, join us on a tour of a newest trail. You will have the time of your life! 3 TO 4 HOURS


(4 person minimum)



 Arizona Desert Mountain Jeep Tours


Scottsdale Az 85253

For Information or Reservations

Nationwide 800-567-3619



We Accept


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